Block of the Month

EQ Escapades

The project this year has been called EQ Escapades as it was created on the computer using the EQ7 program. Many thanks to Gerrie Green for giving of her time and sharing her expertise.

EQ Escapades Quilt

The first installment will be the centre of the quilt. The following installments will be the instructions for blocks that will make up the borders. At our meetings we will show you two versions of the quilt to give you some idea of the possibilities.

This quilt makes use of four fabrics.

Fabric Requirements:

Note: The yardage is based on fabric that is 42" wide.

Dark: 1 yard

Medium: 3/4 yard

Light Medium: 1 yard

Light: 7/8 yard


Block October 2016

Block November 2016

Block December 2016

Block January 2017

Block February 2017

Block March 2017


Template January 2017

Template February 2017

Template March 2017

We hope that you will join us in making this lovely quilt.

Thank you,

Bev Smith and Sue Putz