Call for Volunteers

Volunteers Needed Now For the Show

We are underway with the planning, decision making and activities for the Guild’s 2021 Show “Colour The World”.  I feel privileged to be the convener for this Show, building on the tremendous success of our previous shows.   The Show still needs Committee Leads for areas.  These areas include:

Junior Fiber Arts – this position will determine the profile this area takes within the show. It is a key time to creatively spark the interest of youths in our area about fiber arts.

Lobby Set- up and Welcome –we all know how important first impressions are, if you have some creative thoughts, or just tweaking the set-up from the last show this role is for you.

Signage Internal and External – this could be one position, two individuals co-leading or two positions.  We know how critical it is to place information and direction in the best location to have a successful show.  If finding your way is your thing – then this is the position should be right up your alley.

Venue Frames setup – The Guild has had tremendous support from individuals in the past taking on this role.  What this means for this volunteer is we have an outstanding plan for the Show already.  The role can be supported in many ways to accommodate the new volunteer lead or leads. As you can image this is one of the foundational roles for the show, please think about this role.  

Show Events – Anne Pelton has taken the lead for this for the show but would really like someone to work along side with her.

Website – We are using the Guild’s website, which means we have access to the Guild’s Website support, but we do need someone to help the show convener and others determine how we can display the information, select the format that will draw individuals to the information we are posting.  Be creative.

If you would like to learn more about the positions listed above or to volunteer please contact me at or call 1-250-390-8003

Thanks for your support.

Barbara Korabek