Raffle Quilt & Prizes

What Makes a Great Raffle Submission?

We are looking for an individual or group to make us something stunning for the honor of having their quilt selected as one of the Raffle Prizes for our 2021 Quilt Show. We need exacting standards with high-quality workmanship and so we would ask that you adhere to the CQA Standards as well as the Elements and Principles of Design.

From previous shows we learned the most popular raffle quilts are bed sized, preferably queen size. Quilts that are beautifully designed with color schemes to complement most homes are also winners. Try to think of the non-quilting public in our areas. Art quilts that reflect something of our beautiful local landscape and wildlife will be bound to please. A submission that portrays our theme of COLOUR THE WORLD could be a winner with our guild members as well as the public. Don’t forget other potential items such as bags, placemats with a matching table runner, or a bed runner to list a few.

If you would like to step up to this challenge, please submit an application form. The application process is open to all Guild members, either individuals or groups. The application form can be found on the guild website under the 2021 Quilt Show tab, Raffle Quilt Submission, and forms will be available at the September and October, 2019, guild meetings. The deadline for application submissions is November 17, 2019.

Raffle Quilt/Prize Application Process

  1. Members must submit their application form no later than Sunday, November 17, 2019.
  2. Application forms will be available at the September and October Guild meetings or can be downloaded from the Guild website – Quilt Show 2021 section.
  3. Send your applications to the Raffle Selection Committee Chair, Donna Paisley.
  4. The raffle committee will evaluate all applications. This committee will determine the raffle quilt/prizes selected.
  5. The successful applicants will be informed prior to the December 2019 Guild meeting and then announced at the December Guild meeting.
  6. There will be financial assistance up to the amount indicated for making the quilts/prizes selected: Queen - $500, Lap/ Twin $300, wall hanging $175, others will be determined by the committee but will not exceed $100. The money will be paid when the quilt is completed.
  7. The deadline for completing the raffle quilt/prize is October 31, 2020. The Raffle Selection Committee Chair will keep in touch with the successful applicants until their quilts/prizes are completed.


All questions should be directed to the committee chair, Donna Paisley (zpaisley@telus.net) or the quilt show convenor, Barbara Korabek (quiltshow@parksvillequilthousequilters.com).