Emergency Response Procedures

Emergency response procedures for Fire/Earthquake evacuation of Bradley Centre, 975 Shearme Road, Coombs.

It is the Directors’ responsibility to make the membership aware of the ER procedures. It is the member’s responsibility to make themselves familiar with those procedures.

An automatic fire alarm is situated in the kitchen. If a fire starts somewhere else in the building there are fire alarms near each exit door that should be pulled.

The ONLY person to contact 911 should be the afternoon meeting President or program chair of the ER procedures and in the evening the chair or the workshop organizer.

**Alert the 911 dispatcher of the emergency and give the address as
Bradley Centre, 975 Shearme Road, Coombs

There are 6 doors out of the building:

1: Front Door

2: Back Door

3: 2 doors in main hall - East side

4: 1 in Pensioners Room

5: 1 in Conference Room – west side

In Case of fire or earthquake, Guild Members in attendance should exit the building safely building safely and go to the muster point - North end of the parking lot (Alberni Highway end) were they will be checked off the sign in sheet and await the ALL CLEAR. The raffle table personnel should pick up the sign in sheets and a pen on their way to the assembly point. Members who leave the meeting at any time before adjournment need to cross off their names on the sign in sheets. Those with mobility issues should be aware of their surroundings and be sure to get assistance leaving the building. Washrooms should be checked before leaving.

Members should not attempt to get into their cars and leave the area. Cars leaving may impede the fire department getting into the area. Whiskey Creek Fire Department is local to Coombs.

Members attending evening meetings should carry a flash light or some other form of illumination in case of a power outage.

The Bradley Centre has purchased a defribulator for the use of its patrons. This is located in the office at the front door of the building.

September 2016